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Innolutions' fire and rescue train

by Marco Suter (comments: 1)


The first configuration of the 2008 SBB Fire and Rescue Train (FRT 08) entered into service in August 2008 in Brugg. Since then, the FRT 08 has proven itself time and time again. The three-car configuration is now available for G gauge model railways.

Lösch- und Retttungszug

Innolutions presents the first small-scale model of the FRT 08 by SBB. The model is fitted with the latest-generation digital sound decoders and additional LED control electronics to perform the Swiss reversal according to current train regulations. The three cars are constructed around secure metal frames and include many fascinating details. To top it all off, a working water lance has been fitted to the roof of the firefighting car. This can be used to put out real fires, just like the full-size version.

The 2008 Fire and Rescue Train has been entirely designed, constructed and executed by Innolutions using the original plans for the real train, which is stationed in Brugg in the Canton of Aargau. The combination of a secure metal frame and 3D printed detailing gives the train a unique character. The model features innovative and well-thought-out solutions and is guaranteed to provide enthusiasts with a fascinating driving experience and hours of enjoyment.

LRZ 08 - Gerätefahrzeug

Equipment car: the original houses a generator to power the on-board systems, an air-filtering system and a compressor to supply breathing masks, a water/foam lance on the roof of the cab, as well as lifting gear and other rescue equipment.

LRZ 08 - Tanklöschwagen

Firefighting car: the full-size version has tanks that can hold 48'000 litres of water and 1'800 litres of foam emulsifier. The model itself includes a working lance and a 0.9-litre tank.

LRZ 08 - Rettungsfahrzeug

Rescue car: the original includes a rescue platform, a power generator and a ladder module, as well as a rescue container, the main space of which is isolated from the exterior, and respirators and protection gear for around 60 people.


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Comment by Michael Edwards |

I am a retired volunteer firefighter and have been looking for a HO scale or similar to add to a collection that i am leaving to The CFS Foundation when i die. On a disability pension and willing to pay a fair price would also look at a larger scale like 1/25th or 1/40th Please include postage to Australia if you have models available
Thank you and merry xmas to you and yours